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What is my favorite blogging software?

Over the past few years, teachers have used blogs (short for web logs) to communicate with students, families, and communities. Blogs have become so much more than a way of communicating; they have become more of a content management system (cms) in which teachers can communicate with others, organize their content, deliver lessons to students at school and home, and interact with people in endless ways.

There are many types of blogging websites out there including WordPress, Blogger, Edublogs, and even Google Sites. Edublogs is probably the most popular for teachers as they claim to have 1.2 million blogs hosted and counting. It is a very good setup for a classroom blog, but I’ve found that WordPress is by far the best solution for teachers.

The reason why I picked WordPress over Edublogs is simple…Edublogs is WordPress! Edublogs uses the open-source WordPress software and then sets it up for teachers. The only problem is they limit all of the wonderful functionality of WordPress and make you pay for more features.  All features of WordPress are available to you if you host your own site (which we will get into later).

As you can see in the images below, the dashboard where you do all of your blog editing is almost identical in WordPress and Edublogs.

Getting Started with WordPress

Ultimately I would say that the goal of running your own classroom blog or website would be to host your own wordpress site. For starters though, I would recommend creating a free (different than – see note below) site just to get the feel of how to use WordPress and to see if it is something you can handle. After that look for future updates to this site for directions on how to host your own WordPress blog.

*Note: is the site where you can download all of the open-source WordPress software to use as you please.  Open-source means that you can use and modify all of the software at no cost! This site includes themes and plugins. is a company that sets up a WordPress blog for you much like Edublogs. It displays ads and also gives you limited functions for free. More features are available with a purchased upgrade.

WordPress Teacher Blog Examples

Below are a couple of links to some examples of teachers using WordPress for their classroom blog:

Self-hosted example:

Self-hosted example: example: example:

Blogger Example:

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