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Many of you are probably aware of Google translate. If not, it is a very basic site (from the visitor’s end at least) in which you can type in a word or phrase in one language and it will translate it to another. Very convenient for teachers who have English language learners in their class, especially when translating for parents who possibly speak minimal English.

I was recently in a class in which I learned that you can type in a web address instead of a word or phrase, hit enter, and Google will translate an entire website for you. I thought this was an amazing feature , as now I could translate my entire classroom blog in to Spanish, as I have some students’ families that do not speak English. I feel this is a wonderful way to keep parents involved in your classroom activities, regardless of the language they speak.

Below is a short video on how to translate a site with Google translate.


To embed the translated url into your blog, you will need to create a link. If you are using WordPress and need to put that link into a text widget, you will need to know the html code to create a link. The example code below will work. Replace the url and link text with your own information.

<a href="translated url from google here">Link Text Here</a>


Here is an example of html link code that would give me a link to this site in Spanish:

<a href=";tl=es&amp;js=n&amp;prev=_t&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;layout=2&amp;eotf=1&amp;">Ver la pagina web en español</a>


Which would look like this to viewers:

Ver la pagina web en español

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