Google Apps for Education

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If your school district has not become a Google Apps school yet, you need to talk to your administrator as soon as possible! The tools that have been at our fingertips since we made the transition a few years ago are endless.

We currently have an account set up for every staff member and every student grades 3-12. Below are a just a few examples of how Google Apps has aided classrooms in our district:

  • Google forms allow you to seamlessly collect data. Whether it be the administration collecting information from the staff members, or teachers collecting data from their students, Google makes data collecting a breeze!  Simple things like this Internet Survey I do with my students at the beginning of the year are incredibly quick and easy to create.
  • Colored cursor shows where collaborator is editing

    Shared collaboration on Google Docs has improved so much over the past few years. With the magic of the colored cursor, I can now have small groups of students working on the same document from home. The cursor will let the other collaborators know where in the document each group member is working, saving time and frustration. Google has now added a chat feature built right in to docs. Enabling chat opens a sidebar next to the document so collaborators can discuss changes to the document before acting on them.

  • Google Sites instantly allows teachers and students to create content online with only basic background knowledge. With our society continually becoming digital, being able to publish content online is a necessary skill for our students to learn.
  • Clicking add it now will submit it to your Google Apps administrator

    Marketplace Apps available to Google Apps users consists of over 1,000 apps that can be installed with your schools Google account. Some more advanced features will cost your district money, but there are many apps offered for free. We use the free Sliderocket app for making stunning presentations that can easily be presented on a website. Users with Google Apps accounts can request apps to your network administrator (or whoever manages your Google accounts) by simply clicking the “Add it now” button.

  • This past year, Google has added YouTube to the Google Apps suite. This is such a convenience for school districts as there are many application such as Apple iMovie or Snagit that allow automatic uploads directly to YouTube. Not only is it convenient to upload and view anywhere, but hosting your videos on YouTube helps reduce space on school or web host servers when you embed the files on your website or blog.

The possibilities are endless when using Google Apps! Check back often for more great reasons to make your district a Google Apps district as well as how-to videos on making the most of Google Apps.
Go to Google Apps for Education for more information!

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